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Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Funeral costs have been rising steadily with burial, cremation and venue fees all increasing in cost. The cost of a funeral can come as a surprise to those you leave behind, and something of which they have no knowledge or experience. As a result, your loved ones may not be able to cover the costs for a funeral by traditional means.

A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to plan and pay for your funeral in advance, at today’s prices. Many people find comfort in knowing that when the time comes, their family will be protected from unexpected funeral costs, and that all decisions for the funeral have already been made.

With so few people knowing their loved ones’ funeral wishes, it’s often difficult to know if we’re giving them what they really wanted. At Optimus Mortgages we can help resolve this situation for you. If you would like to discuss pre-paid funeral plans further, click on this link and we will call you back.

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